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Tales of Clothing and Community during the Pandemic

Every day throughout the coronavirus pandemic, I have gotten dressed before I sit down to work. And I don't mean changing from pajamas to sweats. I really do it up! A sequin shirt and derby. A vintage Ungaro dress from the 1980s. A jacket, waistcoat, and one of my father's ties.

Most everything I wear is connected to someone I care about and has a story.

No one sees me. I'm All Dressed With Nowhere to Go. This daily ritual gets me going at the start of the day. But I miss the human connection. The pleasure of getting all decked out and spending time with a friend.

So this New Year 2021, I started a new Covid ritual. Every weekend, I get dressed up, pay a socially distanced visit to someone I admire, and document our time together. I love hearing people's stories about what is keeping them going during this difficult year. 

The only requirement? Get All Dressed and share a story about what you are wearing and one new ritual you have started during Covid.

Amy Stein-Milford is a writer and non-profit consultant based in Brooklyn. 

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